dhol rentals

In addition to dholak rentals, we offer full sized bhangra dhols for rent too. All our dhols are professionally tuned by our dhol players to ensure a crisp and clear sound. The dhol comes with the sticks (Dagga and Thilli), strap to carry the drum and a carrying bag for easier transportation of the dhol.

The dhols can be rented on a daily basis (Pickup a day before the event and returned a day after) or on a weekly basis at a discounted rate. We have more than 1 dhol available for rent however during the peak season (April - September), it is recommened to reserve a dhol few months before to guarantee availability.

As a courtesy to our clients renting dhols, if the client has no prior experience playing the dhol, we offer an introductory (25 Minute) class FREE OF CHARGE teaching the basic beat (Chaal) and how to hold the dhol.

We require no deposits for a rental, however upon pickup we will require an address and contact number from the driver's license of the person picking up.