Dhols and accessories for sale

If you are looking to purchase a dhol for yourself or for someone else, look no further as we sell all kinds of dhols ranging from Beginner, Intermediate and Professional. All the dhols are carefully inspected and tuned to ensure they produce a legitimate sound. Book an appointment through our contacts page to come try out the dhols for yourself before buying.

In addition to dhol sale and rentals, we offer a wide range of dhol accessories and parts. Our inventory stocks parts such as Drum Heads of various sizes, Ropes, Hooks, Bolts, Sockets, Rings, Straps, Tassel decor (Phumans), hard case and playing sticks (Dagga and Thilli).

Our talented and experience dhol players can repair, customize and professionally install microphones in dhols. We repair all kinds of damage to the dhol such as cracks, damaged skins, worn our rope etc.

Contact us now and book an appointment to inspect your damaged dhol and get a free quote on the repair.